Financial Details

WE ARE NO LONGER ON MONTHLY SUPPORT, but we continue on as staff associates through SIM. This means we are considered active missionaries with a ministry account (#35454) for SIM authorized service projects in Ethiopia. All gifts continue to be tax-deductible.

SIM is a “faith mission.”

We need to raise 100% of our support and would love to have you partner with us as we serve the next generation in Ethiopia. As missionaries sent by SIM, Emily and I have an tremendous vision for serving both Ethiopian church leaders and the missionary community. We look to God to bring life to this vision by moving in hearts of people to give.

I. Monthly expenses- $5,707/month

$5,432/month is the standard cost of living SIM has established for a family of 5 working in Ethiopia for 2013. This amount includes both day-to-day costs like house rent, food, utilities, transportation and ongoing expenses like health insurance. We will also give wisely and generously to those in need around us.

$275/ month covers costs such as work-related transportation, books, and supplies for our classrooms.

The chart below shows the breakdown of this amount:

* Insurance–This includes premiums for medical and emergency evacuation insurance in the event that any of us needed to be evacuated to a country with better medical care. Copays and deductibles are paid out of our salary.

* Retirement–This is a small amount to be contributed to a 403b.

* Taxes–Missionaries pay something equivalent to FICA, called the SECA tax.

* Administration & Services–This includes many things. SIM offices assist missionaries in navigating the world of visas, work permits, and other legal aspects of international travel and living. In addition, they provide team training, consulting on the field, financial infrastructure and accountability, international shipping and logistics, and the resources necessary to share our vision.

* Housing–For an rental house on the field.

* Salary–Our living expenses each month.  These expenses include food, clothing, toiletries, and household items.  We will also pay for utilities, vehicle rental, a cell phone, health-care deductibles, etc.  Another important “expense” is our own giving in Ethiopia.

Please join us as partners on a three-year mission

To make an online gift toward our monthly support please CLICK HERE.

To mail a check, include a note with our names and missionary #35454 and mail it to:

SIMUSA – P.O. Box 7900  – Charlotte, N.C. 28241 – (800)-521-6449

All gifts are tax-deductible.

If you would like more information regarding SIM’s financial activity and accountability please click HERE.

4 thoughts on “Financial Details

  1. Hey guys! It is so good to watch God show up at so many places in your lives! Nance and I would like to start a monthly support beginning next month. We pray that God would be your strength, protection, and light as you shine on in Addis Ababa!

  2. Jason and Emily, I love to read your updates. I have passed them along to several friends who are adopting children or already have adopted children from Addis! Thanks for including us in your emails. I think what you all are doing is amazing. We will continue to pray for your everyday needs and the bigger needs of the people there that you serve.
    Blessings, Sandie Ford (Brian Salmon’s Mom-in-law)

    • Sandie- Thank you for the encouragement. We appreciate you all! Please keep praying for those who are adopting. It has become a much more difficult process. We know several families who have legally adopted, but after months have not yet received a visa from the US Embassy.

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