One-Way Tickets…Row 25

One-Way Tickets…Row 25

We are EXCITED! SIM has given us the green light to reserve our airfare, trusting that we will reach our support goal by August 2. This is a huge landmark for our family and is indeed worth celebrating. Our departure budget has been met and our monthly support budget has rocketed to 80%. Thank you to our growing number of partners!

With one laptop in two laps, Emily and I carefully navigated the Ethiopian Airlines website yesterday afternoon. We double-checked passport numbers, expiration dates, birth dates, departure dates, names of our kids, favorite colors, etc. We even entertained the idea reliving our initial flight to Addis Ababa 11 years ago by requesting a 10-row buffer from our daughters. That way we could spare ourselves from the “She’s touching me!” moments.

After careful deliberation, however, we realized that our sweet peace would come at the expense of fellow passengers and flight attendants. Moreover, we cannot shake the possibility that our youngest, left unencumbered, might storm the cockpit looking for candy.

Emily is already preparing for her role as a reading specialist at Bingham Academy, and I am beginning my planning for the Academic English and Youth Ministry courses I will be teaching at Evangelical Theological College.

Come celebrate with us Memorial Day Sunday, May 29

After 8 years on staff, our church is sending us off with a benefit concert to help our family raise funds for our two-year mission to Ethiopia. The concert is free. No tickets or RSVP necessary. 100% of the proceeds go toward our vision- impacting the next generation of leaders for Christ.

This will be a fun outdoor event from 4-8pm at Community Fellowship Church in Lancaster, PA.  Bring your blankets, lawn chairs, Frisbees, and anything else you need for a summer party.  Picnic style food and Ethiopian dishes will be for sale.  There is even rumor of a dunk tank and t-shirt cannon.

Vote for the Benefit Concert set list HERE.

Directions to Community Fellowship Church can be found HERE

1 thought on “One-Way Tickets…Row 25

  1. CRAIG FAMILY! I know we just met, but I got goosebumps at the whole “one-way ticket” thing! Dallas and I will let you know soon about how we intend to support y’all! Praying!

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