Happy New Year in September!!!

Cue the Fireworks

This morning we awoke to the celebratory sound of cannons marking the first day of 2004. Ethiopia uses an amalgamation of the ancient Coptic and Julian calendars giving them twelve 30 day months and a thirteenth month of 5 or 6 days. All week the streets have been bustling with excitement as people negotiate the sheep or chicken for their New Year’s meal, and purchase clothing for their children as well as last minute decorations.

The week also marks our first 40 days in Ethiopia. Emily spent her first weeks testing homeschool students and advising parents who are preparing to spend the majority of their school year in the rural expanses of Ethiopia. She is thoroughly enjoying her role as a Reading Specialist.

I have 2 classes totaling over 60 students with a wide range of ages and English competency. Some are nearly fluent, while others jokingly complain that if I had a British accent I would be much more easily understood. As I contemplate the task to better equip these men and women for ministry, I am both humbled and honored by this opportunity.

Emily and I have been reminded that the challenges we face in adapting to a new culture and pace of life are minimal compared to some around us. Pray for those families living in the isolation of the bush, who have the additional burden of raising a family with minimal infrastructure. Also pray for college students who have recently moved to Addis Ababa from the countryside. One of my students, who I’ll call, “John,” is from the newly formed South Sudan and struggling to acquire the residence permit necessary to attend classes.

Recently our breakfast table devotions have been focusing on a broad promise repeated throughout numerous Psalms: “For the Lord is good and His love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations” (Psalm 100:5).

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