Wakuma Update!

Wakuma Update

As one of my students at Evangelical Theological College, Wakuma has a vision to serve God through translation, making discipleship materials more readily available for his own people.

Several weeks ago I appealed to our community to help raise $1230 so he could complete his research and thesis for his Master’s Degree at Addis Ababa University. The response was overwhelming and wonderful! Through your generosity and the offering from a worship event in Lancaster, PA called “Collide”  we were able to raise over $3600. Wakuma has been fully funded and he is thrilled!

But it gets better— I was able to gift $1000 to Evangelical Theological College, which provided last minute scholarships to 10 students, who otherwise would  have been unable to attend this semester. The remainder of the balance will be applied to that same scholarship fund next semester, assisting another 10-15 people. Amazing…God is good. Thank you for helping us to equip the next generation of leaders.

Our video thank you is HERE

  • I have found great joy from my job!  I love using my skills to assess children, identify their needs, and tailor lessons for them. 
  • Currently, I am working on teaching my students a variety of strategies for comprehension.  It thrills me to see them reading, understanding, and enjoying great books! 
  • In addition, I started leading a professional book group for teachers on teaching comprehension.  It is exciting to share ideas and encourage adults as well as children! 
* So far I have completed 3 sessions of Amharic language school. It is quite a challenge, but I love it. 

* Currently I am teaching an academic writing and youth ministry courses at ETC and just began a series of youth ministry workshops for enthusiastic church leaders.

* Last weekend I had the privilege of speaking to 100 youth leaders at a conference south of Addis Ababa. I spoke on practical tips for speaking to modern adolescents.

* I am in the process of restoring a lettuce green 1984 Toyota Corolla station wagon. Super ugly, but thankful for a second vehicle.


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