Our life update is coming soon…

For now, a few recent pics will tell our story . . .

  fried fish                  

Fried Tilapia at Hawassa’s Fish Market (S.Ethiopia)           Lauren’s 4x400m relay

   training-Jason            Photo0132

Youth worker training for a local church              Sign of the Month- Awesome

       anna giraffe2              em sheraton small

Anna the giraffe, school musical               Emily interviewing for a teaching job

faith sale         350x500_mc

                   Nice Deal (Only $13)                                  Jason on his daily commute

       sarah olaf          

Sarah, one of the numerous singing Olafs                     Traffic jam, literally.


                                         Jason and Sarah dancing with the Dorzi

    american girls              she still likes me

American Girl Dolls return to the homeland.                      She still likes me

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