Ethiopia by July

“Daddy- Which state is Ethiopia in?”

The simple inquiry of Anna, our 7 year old, at the dinner table leads us to believe that we have a long way to go in preparing our daughters for a life overseas. But we are more than excited for the opportunity and challenge to serve God as a family.

As you may already know, we have been appointed as missionary staff members with the SIM organization, and plan to be serving as teachers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for 2 years beginning this summer.

However, for the next few months we will be assigned to the fun task of connecting personally with as many friends as possible here at home to share our vision and give people the opportunity to partner with us in various ways.

Practicing Our Webcam Faces for the 3-week training course

We are excited about an intense three-week online training course we are taking to help us share our vision more effectively and connect people with a vital purpose: being the expression of Christ to the world. The course begins today!

At this point we are asking for your prayer as we take on this course with lots of homework, and then launch this exciting assignment.  We look forward to getting in touch with you when our training is complete.

Peace and Love,
Jason and Emily

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