Ethiopia by July

Awesome = We’ve Graduated!

Emily and I just completed a rigorous three-week on-line training course to help us share our vision more effectively and connect people with a vital purpose in the Great Commission. This was the first class we have taken together since high school, and it was a fantastic opportunity for us to fine-tune our communication skills as a team.

Our training is now complete and for the next few months we are assigned to the fun task of connecting personally with as many folks as possible to share our vision and give people the opportunity to partner with us in various ways. As a family we want to be a unique expression of Christ to Ethiopia and we hope you will join us.  

Awesome = Budget #1 is almost fulfilled

We are “jump up & down” excited that a handful of people have launched us into an amazing start for our support raising. THANK YOU! Now that our departure and settling costs are nearly met we can focus on building our monthly support team. Awe Yeah!

If you are curious, our detailed budgets and other giving information can be found on the financial page.

Awesome = Our kids know where Ethiopia is…

… and they are excited to go. In our last post, we mentioned that one of our girls recently asked which state Ethiopia was in. We have had a fun few weeks of cultural training at the breakfast table. We’ve been teaching them to count to ten in Amharic and dreaming of how our life will be different.

Please continue to keep Lauren, Anna, and Sarah in your prayers.

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