First Year Reflections

While the East Coast of the U.S. swelters, we are in a rhythm of rain. Green grass, cool air, and cloudy skies are the hallmarks of an Addis Ababa summer.  As Emily and I close our first year in Ethiopia, we have been taking time to thank God for the subtle ways has directed us through our teaching responsibilities.  It has been a remarkable year.  Although content to live a simpler life, we have learned that being an expat in a third world country does not insulate from the iniquities of the life left behind.  Poor communication, selfishness, the love of “stuff,” and impatience with others, are easily imported—duty free. For us it is a daily choice to wake up each morning with God’s purposes on our minds.  It only takes 3 minutes in the car, dodging sheep, careless pedestrians, and diesel-belching trucks to realize that our life is a bit unusual.  The unusual can be stressful some days, but it is also affords us with unique, life-changing opportunities:

Not Soon to Forget:

  • Learning another language is as frustrating as it is exciting. I highly recommend it for anyone with struggling with pride issues. Going to language school has helped me and Emily to identify with our students’ ESL needs.
  • My brother, Matt, arrived with a Young Life work crew team 2 weeks ago. Greeting them at the airport, my daughters were surprised and overjoyed that their 10-year-old cousin Ryan was a secret member of the team.
  • Last week we saw 190 teenagers respond to the gospel at the first Young Life outreach camp in Debre Zeit. The Work Crew team was awesome- now we have several new friends!
  • Rejoicing with Wakuma who completed his Master’s Degree with the help of our church and friends in Lancaster, PA.
  • Numerous airport runs and difficult goodbyes with fast-forming friends who have returned to their home countries.

2 thoughts on “First Year Reflections

  1. Jason & Emily,
    Awesome to see how God is working in your lives. Don’t worry, all the things you mentioned about life are just quadruple over here. We love to here about you doing and coping with a much different life. We love you all very much and miss seeing your smiling faces.

    Pete & Marain

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