Today was Wakuma’s Day!

Graduation Update

He did it!Early this morning I attended commencement at Addis Ababa University. You may recall that last year, Wakuma was one of my best students at Evangelical Theological College. In fact his English was so sharp I inquired to his background, and he explained that he already had a B.A. and was working on his M.A. in Oromo Language Study.

While pursuing a theology degree at our school, he hoped to complete his M.A. requirements at AAU. Like many young, educated Ethiopians, however, he was overextended in providing for the needs of his family.

Compelled to partner with Wakuma, I asked others like you to join me in providing a $1,230 grant for Wakuma. The response was overwhelming and wonderful! Through the generosity of many and the offering from a worship event in Lancaster, PA called “Collide”  Wakuma was fully funded. Over the next 5 months he tenaciously pursued his research and writing, and even completed his defense.

I value education and love the idea of equipping someone who is gifted and motivated. Today your investment paid off as Wakuma walked the stage. You’ll be excited to know that he even landed his first job, editing an Oromo translation of a 10-volume Bible study series.

Thank you for helping to change one man’s life!

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