A 20hr Plane Ride Never Sounded So Fun…

It has been about two years since we have seen the good ole’ USA. During these many months we were thrilled to keep-up over Skype, FB and emails. Delectable treats tucked inside care packages were like gifts from heaven. But nothing can quite duplicate a warm embrace from a family member, laughter with friends over a meal, or a crabcake from Phillips- haha. We leave June 1st and will set up camp with our family in Maryland. During our 10-week stay we will make frequent trips to PA. We even have people offering to host us. They have no idea what they are in for…

We have 4 significant goals during our time in the States:

1. Rest and refill. This has been an action-packed two years of ministry. None of us have been bored. Our jobs are awesome but exhausting. It will be wonderful to get away and “refill” the tanks.

2. Reunite ourselves with family and friends. As you may have heard– a recent study noted that 100% of overseas missionaries are crazy weirdos. We are so excited to get away and spend time with normal weirdos like you.

3. Relay our best stories. Whenever you do something awesome or receive a great gift your natural inclination is to tell someone else. We cannot wait (including our girls) to share the best of what we have learned.

4. Reaffirm our partnerships.  For the past two years Emily and I have been honored to serve as an extension of your ministry in Ethiopia. We thank God for the way he has provided for our family through many of you. As we prepare for continued success in our third and final year we hope you will continue to support us both financially and through prayer. Joining you all for meals, small group meetings, and other gatherings we are look forward to sharing our vision for this amazing nation. 


Second Easter
ethiopian-largeBecause Ethiopia follows the ancient Gregorian calendar we have the privilege to celebrate Easter twice. Although devoid of Easter egg rolls and marshmallow peeps, the holiday is a treasured time for numerous Ethiopians. In preparation, some fast for 40 days, others attend special prayer meetings, and every Christian readies their home for the Easter Sunday feast.

Celebrating the resurrection, so many homes in Addis were packed with smiling guests and amazing food last Sunday. We were honored to share a meal with our houseworker, Emawash. From her home, smaller than most kitchens, she served us the BEST– spicy doro wot, beg tibs, gomen, shiro, aeyb, and freshly roasted coffee.  It was easily worth more than a week’s salary and one of the best meals I have had in Ethiopia.

As we enjoyed the evening, huddled together and eating from a common plate, we were reminded of the love that the Lord lavishes on us.


yaneta academy training
This week Jason and his friend Tillahun co-taught a seminar for 50 high school students at Yeneta Academy. The topics were peer-pressure, dating and sex. Although our cultures are quite distinct their honest questions mirrored those American kids.

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