Ten Beds in Ten Weeks

Top 10 Things
We Love About America
10. Driving on roads with rules and linesDSC_0395
9. Tostitos and cheddar cheese
8. Consistent power, water, and blazing-fast internet
7. Duck Dynasty and Downton Abbey
6. Familiar places like the library, Stauffers Grocery, and Catoctin Park
5. Ice Cream and story-time with Nana and Pop-Pop
4. Swimming and art projects with Grandma and Granddad
3. Hearing updates and sharing stories with CFC small groups and friends
2. Community Fellowship Church
1. Loving on our family

Top 10 Reasons
We Look Forward to Ethiopia
10. Return to routine.
9. Sleeping in one location for more than a week at a time.
8. Reading in the hammock in our backyard.
7. I love the smell of diesel in the morning (Jason)
6. Injera! Awe Yeah.
5. Sending the girls back to school
4. Working with Bingham teachers and kids from all over the world (Em)
3. Jumping back into the classroom and meeting new students (Jason)
2. Preparing for our December visitors from CFC.
1. Enjoying the rest of rainy season with our neighbors.

A Hug, A Handshake, A Tip of the Hat

Please Choose One of the Above–

Cognizant that we all have different comfort levels when it comes to physical expressions of gratitude, we invite you to receive our love. Thank you for your hospitality and for making us feel like we never left. And thanks to our team of new donors and to those who are continuing to partner with us in our third year. We feel honored to have your support! You make it possible for us to be here, and we are proud to an extension of your ministry.

Consider Joining Us!

Our budget has increased this year due to an increase in our housing costs and in country taxes. Additionally we are planning to help several students with school fees. If you are not already on our team, please consider joining us!

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